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"Orange You Funky?" End Table Chairs

$175 (20" wide by 18" deep by 22" high)

"Flower Power" Dinette Set

$175 (Drop-leaf table: 30" high by 46" long by 32" wide)

"I'll Never Leaf You" Dinette Table & Chairs


"Play a New Tune" Guitar Accent Lamp

$120 (12" wide by 24" high)

Transformation Junkies creates one-of-a-kind home furnishings by repurposing and upcycling items destined for the attic or thrift store.  From drab to fab, these transformed items now take center stage as works of art for your home. We can create a special piece for you; available for commissions.

"What a Dish!" Garden Flowers

$25 (Includes stem, various sizes)



"Black & Silver Elegance" End Table

$95 (20" by 20" square, 22" high)


Check out Tim's latest DIY blog posts for


"Sweet Dreams" Head Board Hat Rack

$65 (36" wide by 22" high)

Family Fun: Upcycle Frames to Capture Vacation Memories

Make lasting memories by upcycling old picture frames with items collected from your vacations and holidays. Create a wonderful keepsake from your special times away with mementos gathered from your trip.  And consider this as an activity to do with friends and family so you create another special moment in the process. (I must really be a DIY addict! I was thrilled to be creative on my recent Colorado trip and had a great time sharing this transformation project with my mom and sister.)

See full blog post HERE.

Transform Butcher Blocks Into Desk Organizers! 

Get ready to get back-to-school cool by turning a butcher block into a desk organization station! This craft is ideal for your student, home office space, or your kid’s arts and crafts supplies. These also make great gifts, especially when you pick a theme that matches the recipient’s favorite hues or school colors.

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"Write-On!" Desk

$150 (36" wide by 30" high by 22" deep)

"It's A Draw-er" Shelves from Drawers

$65 (40" high by 20" wide by 8" deep)

"English Breakfast" Drop-leaf Table

$150 (32" wide/round by 22" high)


Transformed Pieces for Sale

Tim Kime, Transformation Junkies' Chief Creative Force, is thrilled to be one of the artists in the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market located in Brookland (one of Washington's hottest neighborhoods).

Come by Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays to find your latest one-of-a-kind piece. 

Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market

716 Monroe Street NE, Studio 11

Washington, DC  20017

Located off the Brookland/Catholic University Metro on the Red Line.

Available for pickup only.