"English Breakfast" Drop-leaf Table

$150 (32" wide/round by 22" high)


Transformed Pieces for Sale

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An Old Piano Plays a New Tune as a Bar

This family heirloom was transformed from an out of tune musical instrument into a hip bar, now the center of family gatherings for generations to come.

See full blog post HERE.

Sweater + Footstool = A Cozy Upcycle

Give a blah footstool some style using a sweater.  Simple steps turns this into a charming new seating option, a place to rest your feet or, combined with a tray, a cool coffee table!

See full blog post HERE.  

"Flower Power" Dinette Set

$175 (30" high by 46" long by 32" wide)



"Play a New Tune" Guitar Accent Lamp

$120 (12" wide by 24" high)

"What a Dish!" Garden Flowers

$25 (Includes stem, various sizes)

Transformation Junkies creates one-of-a-kind home furnishings by repurposing and upcycling items destined for the attic or thrift store.  From drab to fab, these transformed items now take center stage as works of art for your home. We can create a special piece for you; available for commissions.  CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE: Click Here!

"Sweet Dreams" Head Board Hat Rack

$65 (36" wide by 22" high)

Tim Kime, Transformation Junkies' Chief Creative Force, is thrilled to be one of the artists in the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market located in Brookland (one of Washington's hottest neighborhoods).

Come by Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays to find your latest one-of-a-kind piece. 

Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market

716 Monroe Street NE, Studio 8

Washington, DC  20017

Located off the Brookland/Catholic University Metro on the Red Line.


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